5G is the future technology of Communication and it will be rapidly transforming the entire globe, a very interactive and informative session was taken by Mr. Vikas Misra on “Enabling Technologies in 5G”.

About the Speaker:- Mr. Vikas Misra is currently working as a Senior SDE at BSNL, Lucknow. He has also done M.Tech from NIT, Allahabad.

About the Session:- He elaborated the following key points during the session-

  1. What is 5G?
  2. Who invented 5G?
  3. What underlying technologies make up 5G?
  4. What are the differences between the previous generations of mobile networks and 5G?
  5. How is 5G better than 4G?
  6. How and when will 5G affect the global economy?
  7. Where is 5G being used?
  8. How fast is 5G?
  9. Is 5G available now?
  10. Do I need a new phone if I want 5G?

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