A very interactive and informative session on Data Science had taken by Mr. Sachin Yadav through video conferencing

He discussed following points

(1)Concept of Data Science
(2) Types of Data Science Work
a) Investigating
b) Predicting
c) Optimizing
(3) Collaboration of Data Science with Machine Learning
(4) Data Science Process in depth and also problems associated with it
(5) Difference Between Data Analysis and Data Analytics
(6) Difference between Feature Extraction and Feature Elimination
(7) Applications of Data Science correlated with real life problems
(8) Discuss some Case Studies for Better understanding of Data Science concept
(9) Execution of small code snippet by importing Predefined Data Set and perform two operations
a) Data Prediction
b) Data Visualization

Atlast he also tells about job designations available for Data science Engineers..

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