Barclays session Closing Ceremony

The entire Four Days of Barclays sessions turned out to be really memorable and will certainly induce lasting impact in the students. Elaborate discussions were held and completely new dimensions of personality and it’s role in Job Environment was revealed to the students.
We thank Barclay’s team for indepth and informative sessions. are well spent.Students teach many new things from this session.Barclays Virtual Session aims at improving the employability skills of the youth. It is a virtual exposure to the Final Year student.

This session was a type of corporate interaction, promoting professional communication and etiquette. Under this program, students were trained by Barclays Managers to enhance their life skills which would help them significantly to increase their chances of succeeding in a job interview.

Topics Covered

(1)Organizational Structure.
(2)Public Speaking.
(3)Presentation Skills.
(4)E-mail Etiquette.
(6)Group Discussion.
(7)Personal Interview.
(8)Resume Building.
(10)Assessment will be conducted on Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

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