Guest Lecture by Mr.Navin Saxena(GM)Panki power plan

A Very fruitful guest lecture was taken by Mr.Navin Saxena(GM) on panki power plant.Moreover Mr.Rachit Srivastava and Mr.Ashish Saxena tremendously guide pur students on following topics
1.Overview of thermal power plant

2. Sub critical, super critical, ultra super critical advanced ultra super crital power plants

3. Electrical systems overviewGenerators its protection and excitation controls Capability curve of generator

4. Transformers its protection system

5. CT PT Relays Circuit breakersInstrumentation in power plant

6. Scada system for autonomous operation of power system

7. Max DNA architecture

They also focused on government preparation and PSU and also invite our Civil and ME students for visit in panki thermal power plant in March month.

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