The Industry Mentoring Programme (IMP) at Vision Group of Institutions aims to encourage and support undergraduate students in their transition from education to industry. This voluntary Scheme matches students of all disciplines with industry professionals to support their development as they enter the creative industries.

How can the Mentors contribute?

Mentors may contribute either as Group Industry Mentor or Student Industry Mentor. It is an extremely flexible Programme. You contribute only as per your comfort and available time.

  • Group Mentoring will have Guest Lectures & Seminars, guiding sessions for group of students (from specific program/branch) on skill development or other related activities, assistance in industry visits, project selection and role in academic development of the college.
  • Student Mentoring will involve assisting a mentee/ mentees individually.

Details of the IMP

  • The Mentoring Process.
    The process that mentors and mentees participate in has been broken down into these five steps. 
    • Students Search for Mentors,
    • Students Request you and your response,
    • Initial Contact with your Mentee,
    • Starting a Relationship,
    • Building a Relationship

Mentoring Sessions
The mentoring sessions officially run for 3.5 months. At the end of each session, we formally release you from the relationship so that you are able to work with another mentee(s), and your mentee can work with another mentor. IMP’s goal, however, is to develop on-going relationships, so we encourage you to continue your relationship on an informal basis.

  • You are in Control!
    • You can always change and set a number of things, including:
    • Choose the maximum number of mentees you want during any given session
    • Update your profile and mentee preferences at any time
    • Take yourself in or out of the searchable mentor pool at any time

Flexible communication
At IMP, we believe that mentoring doesn’t have to be face-to-face in order to be effective. You can communicate with your mentee via Zoom, Skype, email, whatspp, phone – whatever works best for you both

What are the benefits for mentors?

The program is open for all working professionals, educationists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, scientists, authors, social workers, politicians, or bureaucrats. Anyone who feels can guide undergraduate students in any way, can spare few hours a week, and has a desire to mentor young people to ensure we get responsible citizens of tomorrow is welcome.

What are the benefits for mentors?

  • An opportunity to give back to the society. The pleasure of guiding a young life and assisting towards creative growth is in itself an extremely satisfying experience.
  • Access to the VIT mentor network
  • Skills development and CV enhancement
  • Partnership with VIT
  • Develop links with our vibrant community of students, alumni and staff

How to apply?

See yourself as a mentor? Are you an VIT alumni or industry professional working in the creative industries? Applications for the 2021 programme are now open and the cut-off date is Monday 15 February 2021.

What are the potential outcomes for mentees?

  • Work with your mentor to develop your future career plans
  • Develop your plan for a job or business
  • Build contacts and professional relationships while studying
  • Develop your skills in presentation, applications and interviews, communication, and teamwork
  • Develop a greater understanding of the creative industries and your routes into industry
  • Increase your confidence in gaining employment in your chosen industry