Science, Technology & Innovation Club

Science, technology and innovation (STI) are key drivers of economic & social development. To achieve this, policies needs to address the specific & features of innovation in developing countries. STI policies are well integrated into national development strategies & combined with institutional & organizational changes can help raise productivity, improve firm competitiveness, support faster growth and create jobs.

 this activity includes:


  • We collect the ideas related to new trend, technology or related to project work from each student.
  • Then we analyse the idea in such a way that it can be formulated as some prototype or model.
  • We select some innovative but small project up to 5( budget should be less than Rs 2000).


  • We arrange workshop related to these project by an expert, who will guide the students that how it can be implemented.
  • Our team members will also guide the students to make the project successful.
  • Each project will be dealth individually with all details as required.


  • Start making prototype/ project with required materials and motivate the students for their work.


  • Check that, whether the idea is working or not, then final testing.