Experts point out few factors which are important for success of any technology.

  • Scalability
  • Opening of New Markets
  • Ease of Use

The Emerging Technologies or Exponential Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and 3 D Printing have revolutionised the world like never before, and left permanent impact in almost all sectors. We may call it as Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Spatial Web 3.0; the fact it that the entire world is transforming. From business to everyday life, we are feeling deep imprints of these technologies.

We have outlined few vital insights on how these technologies have gained prominence in the core engineering branches.

Computer Science & Engineering

What’s happening in Computer Science round the world The field of Computer Science is witnessing new innovation and research like never before. We have reached a …
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Mechanical Engineering

Emerging Technologies in Mechanical Engineering Industry 4.0 Today it is more relevant than ever for all students of Mechanical to study, understand and work on various technologies …
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Civil Engineering

Emerging Technologies in Civil Engineering Technology for future development in Civil EngineeringBuilding Information Modelling (BIM)Use of Drones and Aerial Imagery in Civil EngineeringVirtual Reality (VR) …
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Agriculture Engineering

News in Agriculture Engineering Few selected news and articles pertaining for Innovation & research in Agriculture Branch. Emerging Technologies in Agriculture Engineering Role of Technology in future …
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5G- The Future of Connection

5G is a revolutionary technology which is poised to bring multiple changes in the way devices communicate. We all keep coming across terms like high …
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The Learning Storyboard

General Native App, & Web App REST APIServerless Programming, Progressive Web App (PWA)Cloud Computing- IaaS, PaaS & SaaSClient-side frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, React)Spatial Web, Spatial Computing- ArticleResponsible …
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