With the advent of emerging technologies, Vision Group has lead itself as a beacon for students willing to purse B.Tech in emerging technologies. Vision Group is one of few AICTE approved colleges of UP to have started B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), B.Tech Internet of Things (IoT) B.Tech (Data Science) 

Exponential Technologies evolve to become an Integral part of our lives!

Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented change in the exponential technologies where legacy skills, tools and technologies have become obsolete. New-age digital professionals proficient in AI, IoT are being called upon to enter the talent workforce – with a new set of skills. These Emerging Technologies are already impacting the business and the world we know as never before. Today it is more important than ever to try to master them.

At VIT we believe in implementing all acquired skills and knowledge. Our students and staff have gone ahead and conducted various activities in Emerging Technologies. We take extreme proud in being one of the leading colleges where latest technologies have been implemented at all levels. We have gone much ahead of the syllabus and cater to the industry requirements. You enjoy special benefit of understanding and working in these new technologies which is parallel to leading national colleges and universities.

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Emerging Technologies- Macro View

Past few years have brought astonishing developments in science & technology which allow us to understand the laws of nature- from vast universe to subatomic particles. However time doesn’t stand still for anyone and even while you read this groundbreaking innovations are taking place round the world. These Emerging Technologies will impact business and the world we know as never before. Today it is more important than ever to try to understand them.

One of the core competencies of the Indian technology workforce has been its ability to onboard new talent at a rapid pace. Now, organizations will be deeply tested as they attempt to respond to a changing landscape over the next decade.

We at Vision Institute of Technology are giving special emphasis on preparing students in these technologies. While Certification Courses and Advance Modules are available to allow student to understand these, the students are also encouraged to adapt to these changes and use them extensively in their Seminars, Technical Papers & Projects.

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New Branches in Emerging Technologies

Vision Group is extremely pleased to be among the first AICTE approved colleges of UP to start B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), B.Tech Internet of Things (IoT) B.Tech (Data Science) from Session 2020-21

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Branch Presentations on Emerging Technologies in February 2020

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