A new initiative taken by Vision Group of Institutions is the establishment of student’s online grievance redressal system which facilitates students/complainants to lodge his or her grievance. The basic aim of the portal is to ensure transparency in admissions, prevent unfair practices in higher educational institutions, and provide a mechanism for redressal of their grievances. Students may submit their grievance for online redressal at the below link


For any other detail please feel free to call college Registrar at 7703008981 or 9235655492; Email: registrar.vision@gmail.com

Other Point of Contacts

First Year & Female Issues-Ms Devanshi Bajpai-8840008705
Ms. Priya Srivastava-7905680957
Ms. Ayushi Nigam 9198024614

Fees related, No Dues, Admin Issues- Mr Raju Kushwaha-9151008927, 9506031285

Diploma – Mr Durgesh Pratap Singh 8299528928
Mr. Manish Prakash-6202407884
Mr. Awadesh Maurya -9682802299

B.Tech- Mr Ramanand 7007909473
Rahul Pal 9260999167

Outstation Students:
Samar Singh- 7267825520