Vision Institute of Technology has number of Hobby Clubs to allow students to seek and nurture their passions and hobby. Skill or Strength can be honed and developed only after it has been recognized and given time to mature. Further all humans have multi dimensions and can definitely excel in number of traits; which again are bound to leave positive impact not only on their core talent but also bring a positiveness in their life on whole.

Go ahead and pursue your passion or acquire a new skill. Give your talents the best chance to flourish. Enjoy one of the most diversified ‘Hobby Clubs’ at Vision Institute of Technology.

Few Hobby Clubs running at Kanpur

Hobby Clubs!

Don’t kill Imagination & Creativity!

In his majestic book ‘Sapiens A Brief History of Mankind’, Yuval Noah Harare gives imagination due credit in the overall success of Homo Sapiens. He attributes things like Religion, Economy and country to be extreme manifestation – The Imagined Realities – which brought us, have kept us, and have allowed us to grow together! In his excellent book- The Runaway Species, Neuroscientist David Eagleman & Anthony a Composer, are extremely candid about the need to develop an environment to support creativity. If we want a bright future for our children, we need to re-calibrate our priorities. At the speed the world is changing, the old playbooks for living and working will inevitably be supplanted – and we need to prepare our children to author the new ones. We must distinctly understand that Future job requirements are unknown, and creativity will be the key to survival- not only of our children, but of our species on whole. However today Creativity is burdened under expectations. The need to provide a sustainable environment to pamper imagination and creativity is not reflected in our education systems. Creativity is a driver of youthful discovery and expression – but it becomes stifled in deference to proficiency that are more easily measured and tested. This side-lining of creative learning may reflect larger societal trends. Teachers typically prefer the well-behaved student to the creative one, who is often perceived as rocking the boat. You must watch “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”,  A wonderful TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson