Technology has revolutionized the world and holds the key to our future. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vision Group, organize various technical activities at regular intervals in association with LOGIX(Algo & Programming Club).

LOGIX(Algo & Programming Club) is a platform where students with different interests such as, coding, App development, Machine Learning, and Web Designing. The club is responsible for conducting programming events for the students of Vision Group of Institution.

The club arranges weekly workshops focusing on various activities such as, basic programming, web designing languages, machine learning algorithms, and mobile application development. Programming competitions will be conducted to inculcate a coding culture in the institute.

Vision: To make it possible with logic

The Bustle:

(1) Hackathon- The Hacking Competition
(2)Android App cum Idea Competition

(3)Exploring C Competition

(4)Python Programming Competition

(5) Machine Learning Sub-Club

(6) Web Development Sub-Club