Entrepreneurship Cell or E-Cell is an initiative of Vision Group of Institutions with aim to prepare future job providers for the country. The cell intends to create an ecosystem for promoting Entrepreneurship and start-ups for students of VGI. The cell facilitates learning in the field of entrepreneurship development thereby helping students by providing faculty-mentorship programs and conducting various guest lecturers.

We have conducted number of sessions and workshops wherein experts and entrepreneurs have come forward with details vision towards starting and running own business. Vision Group has also tied up with MSME chapter which provides number of programs round the year.

The value of a business today is the sum of all the money it will make in the future.

Peter Thiel; Zero to One

The e-cell also provides and incubation center to support start-ups through all stages of idea evolution and development into a venture. The incubation center is equipped with all resources necessary for a start-up and provides the right eco-center for growth and sustenance of a venture.

Activities and Developments of E-Cell


To achieve the most preferred destination for students to opt entrepreneurship and startup as a carrier option and enabling students for converting their ideas into viable and successful enterprises.


  • To inculcate a culture of entrepreneurship amongst the students and faculties with firm understanding of the need to build more job providers in our country as well as the option of considering startups and entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • To act as a catalyst in transforming ideas to business start-up
  • To strengthen the innovation-based entrepreneurship development infrastructure
  • To provide enabling mechanisms to start-ups, through training and skill development, capacity building, networking, access to knowledge & support services, etc. on continuous basis.
  • To provide the guidelines to stakeholders of Vision Group of Institutions for developing entrepreneurial agenda, managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ownership, technology licensing and equity sharing in Startups or enterprises established by faculty and students.

Team Members

  1. Mr. Paras Sengar(Assistant professor, Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Ms. Deepika Gupta (Assistant professor, Civil Engineering)
  3. Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai(Assistant professor, Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  4. Mr. Abhishek Srivastava (Assistant Professor, Management)

Student Office Bearers

  1. Ashita Shukla B.Tech CS 3rd year
  2. Utkarsh Shukla Diploma Civil 3rd year
  3. Harsh Jaiswal BBA 3rd year
  4. Poornima Kushwaha BBA 3rd year
  5. Abhishek Singh BBA 3rd year
  6. Karan Singh B.Tech CS 4th year
  7. Sonali Jaiswal B.Tech AG 4th year
  8. Ashutosh Pandey B.Tech ME 4th year
  9. Sudhanshu Tripathi B.Tech AG 4th year
  10. Sanjana BBA 3rd year
  11. Deepika Sharma BBA 3rd year
  12. Keerti Agnihotri BBA 3rd year

Introduction to E-Cell of Vision Group of Institutions

Check out basic details about E-Cell including Vision, Mission, Office bearers, etc. in PDF Format

Background of E-Cell

India is one of the youngest country demographically, with Human Resource as our greatest strength. However this needs to be tapped properly to furnish the best possibilities for the future. One of the most vital needs of the country on whole is to develop a culture of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

If we see the large picture then we find that entrepreneurs can help a country in many ways. It helps a country to reduce its unemployment rate, to become financially and technologically self sufficient, to raise the standard of living of citizens and to reduce the regional imbalances. One single entrepreneurial unit,  impacts so many lives and agencies directly or indirectly:-

  • It provides financial security to its employees
  • Value and satisfaction to customers
  • Support system and trading to other businesses and industries
  • Revenue to government by paying taxes; income to financial houses by paying interests for loans
  • Contribution to schools, colleges, health institutions, infrastructure etc.
  • Foreign currency to the economy through exports

In short, an entrepreneur helps a country in its overall economic development. In such a situation promotion of entrepreneurship is very much needed in the country like India. Again, as India’s a greater part of population is young, it has potential for demographic dividend, which occurs when the proportion of working people in the entire population is more than the rest. It signifies that more citizens have the potential to work, be productive and contribute for the county’s economic development. If more young people choose to become entrepreneurs, then the problem of unemployment can be reduced to a large extent.

On its mission towards building an enterprising India, Entrepreneurship Cell VIT provides great opportunities for start-ups, Schools, alumni and corporate to get involved with us.

Why associate with us?

Indian government has realised the need of new entrepreneurs for development in various fields. In continuation with this, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, is very keen on developing Entrepreneurial Development bodies in all major educational institutions in India. In this regard, Entrepreneurship Cell, VIT stands out as a pioneering organization. Moreover, it is formed of active and vibrant students, full of ideas to Ideate, Innovate & Incubate.  Thus, any association with us will be symbiotic and mutually rewarding to both sides.

For Alumni

Why should you get involved ?

VIT is growing as a pioneer of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in this part of the country. Every year, this hot-spot continues to brew up many innovative new ideas, which have the potential of creating huge economic returns. Entrepreneurship Cell invites business ideas from students through its various Business Plan Competitions, and the Innovation Platform. Most of these plans, however, are received in a very crude form and need a lot of expert guidance and support before they can face the competitiveness of the business world. For this, we look up to the alumni, who have years of experience as students of the institute and hence, can act as the best mentors.

How can you help ?

There are various ways in which you get involved.
(a) Mentoring: The Business ideas we receive as entries need to be mentored and improved upon, before they can be established as profitable companies. You can act on the advisory board of the company and help with problems pertaining to your area of expertise.
(b) Angel Investing The most common problem faced by nascent startups is the lack of funds. Many potentially great ideas fizzle out each year due to the sheer lack of funds. You can act as an angel investor by providing seed capital to these startups. You can otherwise provide token funding for projects under Innovation Platform.

For Schools

We also encourage the students of 10 & 12 standard by organising seminars in school and encourage them to become entrepreneur in future. We also invites student of schools in the exhibitions organised by our E-cell.

For Corporates

E-Cell strives to bring about a paradigm shift.  Engineering Colleges need to produce the next wave of entrepreneurs who will take strides towards fulfilling visions of India in 2030, and we here at E-Cell look forward to providing the right ecosystem.

I. Sponsorship for events

VIT conducts number of events throughout the year. Corporates associated with E-Cell get additional discounts.

We at E-Cell, preach only what we practice. Hence, we have stuck to our motto of “Dare to be different” when it comes to our sponsors too. The advantages we provide to our sponsors are very unique:

  1. Branding Apart from the conventional branding methods such as banners and posters, we offer certain innovative branding methods such as a presentation slot, video advertisement during the event and live blogging and tweeting.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility When associating with E-Cell, the money invested has a direct social impact, as most of the participants in our events look to start up on their own, and when they do so, they help in economic and hence, social development. Besides, entrepreneurship is one of the core development areas of Vision 2030.
  3. Employer Opportunities The main audience in our events includes not only college students but also young professionals. This results in very good employer opportunities.

II. Mentoring and Support

Entrepreneurship Cell is on the lookout for corporates who can mentor the Business Model that qualify in our competitions and the scores of other startups that look to us for connecting them with the right mentors. They can act as angel investors or as help with the technical aspects. Either way, a good return on investment is to be expected as most of the startups incubated through us have gone on to win various awards and are flourishing in their respective industries.

For Startups

Entrepreneurship Cell has many offerings for newly started ventures as well as those in the pipeline. Check up with our E-Cell administration for full details.