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Containers- the future of App deployment

Containers have gained significant popularity in recent years, and many experts believe that they are a key technology for the future of application development and deployment. Experts predict that containers will continue to be an…
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Application Programming Interface (API)

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules and protocols that specifies how two software programs should interact with each other. At VIT, a Live Session was conducted on designing API using Visual…
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ChatGPT: Tipping point of AI

ChatGPT is a variant of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a type of language generation model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT can make a real difference in various applications where generating human-like text is useful, such as…
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Adding AI -Building Cognitive Abilities

Today, developers solve problems, big and small, across every industry and organization on the planet. We need solutions which match up to these transient and rapidly evolving, solutions which allow productivity and rapid app development…
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Serverless: Event-driven Cloud Functions

Serverless is a solution that allows you to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and save on costs. Instead of worrying about deploying and maintaining servers, the cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date resources needed…
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Creating bots using Microsoft Azure Bot Service

ChatBots are one of the most important technologies of the future Multilingual and multimodal bots for different scenario from sales to customer support, human resource to employee productivity, and almost all spheres of life are…

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Microsoft Ignite 2021

By Vishal P Pandey At Ignite, Microsoft’s conference for developers and IT professionals, tech giant is unveiling new and improved capabilities around databases, artificial intelligence, developer tools, security and other solutions that are part of…

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Critical Thinking, a vital skill

A 10 minutes read.By Innovation & Research Cell, Vision Group of Institutions The number-one skill that high innovators value most in their talent is critical thinking. In contrast, companies identified as less-innovative placed critical thinking last of…

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Igniting individual purpose in Life

Quest for a purpose There runs a famous story of a school building being built in ancient ages. ‘What are you doing?’ the masons were questioned by Chanakya who was passing by. ‘I am laying…

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