The Placement Cell at VIT plays a crucial role in securing job opportunities for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. By maintaining connections with reputed firms and industries, the cell actively facilitates campus interviews and invites renowned companies for recruitment drives. We take pride in our consistent high placement statistics, even during challenging times, which reflects the quality of our education. The Placement Cell also offers career guidance programs, training sessions on interview skills and communication, and facilitates public sector exam preparation. We believe in preparing our students holistically for their professional journey and are committed to achieving 100% placement for our graduates.


The Training & Placement Cell at Vision Institute of Technology plays a pivotal role in securing job opportunities for our undergraduate and postgraduate students. With a strong network of reputed firms and industrial establishments, our Placement Cell remains active throughout the year, facilitating connections between companies and graduates. We take pride in the rising number of students being placed through campus interviews, and we regularly host esteemed industries for recruitment drives.

Our consistent high placement statistics demonstrate the quality of education we provide, and our alumni have excelled in the corporate world, setting new standards with their remarkable contributions. We are committed to carrying forward this legacy in the years to come.

The Placement Cell goes beyond placements and also offers comprehensive career guidance programs for students, starting from their first year. We conduct training programs, including mock interviews, group discussions, and communication skills workshops, to enhance students’ employability. Additionally, we organize public sector exam training for those interested in government sectors and invite HR managers from various industries to conduct specialized training programs for final year students. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.

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  • Facilitating students in exploring and refining their academic and career interests, as well as setting short and long-term goals through personalized counseling and group sessions, aligned with the latest developments in Vision’s programs, including Certification Programs, industry connect programs, and Centers of Excellence.
  • Developing and maintaining an up-to-date student database, as well as establishing strategic connections with companies for effective campus recruitments, leveraging Vision’s strong industry partnerships and industry-aligned programs.
  • Gathering comprehensive information about job fairs and relevant recruitment opportunities to ensure students have access to a wide range of employment prospects.
  • Collaborating with companies to understand their specific requirements and recruitment procedures, enabling Vision to identify and present the most suitable candidates.
  • Organizing pre-placement training, workshops, and seminars for students to enhance their employability skills and prepare them for successful career placements in the dynamic industry landscape.
  • Facilitating regular interactions and meetings between Vision’s Human Resources Department, Training and Placement Officers (TPOs), and corporate HR departments to foster meaningful recruitment opportunities.
  • Assisting students in securing industrial training opportunities during the fourth and sixth semesters, providing them with valuable industry exposure and practical experience.
  • Providing comprehensive resources and activities to support students in their career planning process, including access to industry insights, skill development programs, and career guidance services.
  • Serving as a vital link between students, alumni, and the employment community, fostering strong connections and collaborations to create valuable employment opportunities for Vision’s graduates.
  • Ensuring students receive support and guidance throughout the placement process, helping them secure placements in reputed companies aligned with their career aspirations and professional goals.

Career Development Programs organized by Training and Placement Cell

  • Personality Development Program: Enhancing students’ personal attributes and soft skills to boost their overall confidence and employability.
  • Communication Skills Program: Improving students’ verbal and written communication abilities to effectively express their ideas and interact with others.
  • Group Discussion Practice: Developing students’ skills in group discussions, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication within a group setting.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program: Nurturing students’ entrepreneurial spirit by providing guidance and resources to explore and pursue their own business ventures.
  • Mock Interview Sessions: Conducting practice interviews to prepare students for real job interviews, helping them refine their interview techniques and build self-assurance.
  • Public Sector Competitive Exams Training: Assisting students who aspire to join the government sector by providing specialized training to excel in competitive exams.
  • Industry Internship Programs: Facilitating internships in reputed industries to provide students with practical exposure, industry insights, and hands-on experience in their respective fields.