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In the history of human civilization, Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the next giant technological leap similar to electricity and the internet. With AI …
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5G- The Future of Connection

5G is a revolutionary technology which is poised to bring multiple changes in the way devices communicate. We all keep coming across terms like high …
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The Learning Storyboard

General Native App, & Web App REST APIServerless Programming, Progressive Web App (PWA)Cloud Computing- IaaS, PaaS & SaaSClient-side frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, React)Spatial Web, Spatial Computing- ArticleResponsible …
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RoboRXN – AI based Chemistry Lab

IBM announces AI based chemistry lab: RoboRXN IBM has announced on its blog page the development of an AI/cloud-based chemistry lab named RoboRXN. Its purpose is …
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Certification on Microsoft Azure

Azure Azure is a complete cloud platform that can host your existing applications and streamline new application development. Azure can even enhance on-premises applications. Azure integrates …
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Purpose of college education

Keynote Address-2020 Keynote address was delivered at Start of Odd Semester 2020-21, by Secretary Vision Group. He re-accessed the purpose of college education, and how …
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Emerging Technologies-Macro View

A look at the pillars of past, current, and future innovation As the unprecedented expansion of technology-driven innovation fuels a cross sector transformation in all areas, …
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