Vision Institute of Technology Kanpur came into existance in the year 2009. The journey of past twelve years has been eventful and succeful in almost all counts. We have continually given university merit holders, had excellent placements, started with many innvoative and novel ideas, and organized numerous useful events. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect it that today we have a huge number of pass out students who are not only doing very good in their professional lives, but also working to be useful for the society on large. It is most heartwarming when an old student sends a few lines of message informing his success story and few words of appreciation for the college. This is certainly the biggest acievement for any teacher. This is really what we teachers live for!

It has always been the mission of our Institute is to provide good engineers, technocrats and academicians blessed with intensive as well as extensive knowledge of the subject and good human values. I as an individual firmly believe that the coming generations wish to excel in all dimensions. It is definitely the responsibility of we, the educators, to guide them and lead them on the correct path. It is most encouraging to come across fresh students who are eager and ready to learn. A college should assist them, mentor them, and ensure that this curiosity and zeal for learning is not lost in the syllabus or curriculum. The aim of all teaching is to instill learning and acquiring of the skills necessary to prosper in the professional world as well as personal life.

The best educators I know teach students, not subjects. They actively nurture their students into capable and responsible human beings.

We need to foster a culture of deliberate learning, a place where each student feels welcomes and motivated to make efforts. There is no substitute to diligence but the efforts need to be systematic, and place it on firm bedrock of basic understanding of all related concepts. Perhaps we should all strive for the day when a student begins to enjoy her daily lessons, to be involved in it with a mindset to not only understand it but also use it to design something creative and useful for the society on large. I certainly hope to provide such a space for all students entering Kanpur Campus of Vision Group of Institutions.

On behalf of the management we wish all the students all the best and happy learning!