A Club for History & Geography

The purpose of the VISION Institute of Technology History and History & Geography Club is to encourage interest, discussion, and increased knowledge concerning history, History & Geography, and current events among its members and the College students. Every student who is currently enrolled under any status at VISION Institute of Technology is eligible for membership. 

Origins of modern History & Geography

  • Origins of modern History & Geography can be dated back to Western Europe in the 16thcentury.
  • Expansion of European power.
  • By 1600 the Atlantic trading system had establish links between Europe and the ‘New World’.
  • Increased range of European travel and trade transformed European perceptions of the world.

European universities began to offer specialized courses in History & Geography

Scientific Revolution

  • Foundations of modern science established during 17th century.
  • Navigational skills that merely facilitated scientific discovery.
  • Discussions of the relative merits of different societies, cultures and civilizations around the world.
  • 18th century – era of European enlightenment.

History & Geography as exploration

  • History & Geography as navigation transformed into History & Geography as exploration.
  • Scientific exploration as an objective
  • New navigational and cartographical techniques.
  • 1769 James Cook voyage a turning point in the development of modern History & Geography.
  • Exploration reflected imperial  objectives

Enlightenment History & Geography

  • Alexander von Humboldt:
  • Prussian,  explorer and author
  • Ideas shaped by late 18th century  European romanticism
  • Notable travels in South America
  • Sought a systematic science of  History & Geography
  • Carl Ritter:
  • German, writer, explorer
  • Unfinished 19 volume Erdkunde  published in mid 19th C
  • Objective to create a generalized world  History & Geography

Topic to be Covered- (Every Saturday)

  1. Introduction of Club and future aspects.
  2. Quiz Activity on Indian History & Geography
  3. Picture perfection test on old & new monuments over a glob.
  4. Important history and political science question for current competitive examination.
  5. Discussion about archaeological sites found over a glob.
  6. Knowledge of geographical map, political and physical map of world and India.

Club Mentor-

  1. Mr. Satyam Yadav
  2. Mr. Hassan

Dear Students

We are going to start club activity to encourage our students. All courses of both colleges to have ‘Club Time’ in last two hours of Saturday (from 2:25 Pm-4:25Pm) to start with.

VGI encourages its students to become actively involved in club activities. The involvement of students in these activities can help them in gaining experience in Quiz Club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like Academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, technology, teamwork, leadership, organization etc.

All the students must do their Registration in below link.