Student Development Activities enjoy a pivotal place at Vision Group of Institutions to ensure skill development and holistic growth of students in all spheres of life. Student Development cannot remain limited to books and curriculum, and certainly her progress and development cannot be measured by markesheet & Results alone!

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan used to famously say, ‘ I often wonder why do colleges make young and energetic people stay indoor so much time’. Our huge green campus is a perfect place for student to venture out during activities and other recess time & enjoy the solitude of nature.

A student’s day at VIT is full of activities and fun. We have frequent Guest Lectures & Workshops where students get an excellent opportunity to get exposure. There are number of Certification Courses which enable students to acquire extra skills. Industry Visits & Surveys are regular part of the curriculum and each branch organizes number of visits to ensure first hand industry exposure to the students.

Besides regular education, Sports and Games are encouraged and college organizes number of events to promote physical activity amongst the students. Club Activities allow students to develop on their passions and hobbies. College organizes number of College Functions & Events throughout the session which allow holistic development of the students and also make learning a real fun.

Few of the prominent Student Development Activities are: