We are well aware that Academics form the bedrock of any educational institution. At VIT we value students who are intellectually curious and creative and mentor them towards attaining academic excellence. The emphasis is on the holistic development of the students. Our pedagogy, where we take assistance of technology by involving things like Self-Paced Learning Programs, Flip Classrooms Methods, Individual Mentorship Programs, Teach the Juniors Sessions have paid huge dividends. Vision Institute of Technology is extremely proud to have been continuously getting University Toppers and Merit Holders.


Vikas Gupta
1652340033 B.Tech ME (2020)
9.29 CGPA
University Rank 2nd
Rishab Dixit
1152321009 B.Tech
EN (2015)
83.66 %

University Rank 10th
Minakshi Bharti
1652380013 B.Tech
AG( 2020 )
University Rank 4th

Harshita Tiwari
1652321014 B.Tech
EN (2020)
90.4 %

Sunil Kumar
1652340030 B.Tech
ME (2020)
9.11 CGPA
University Rank 8th

Abu Saleh
1652300001 B.Tech
CE (2020)
88.9 %

Manas Rastogi
1152321008 B.Tech EN (2015)
84.04 %
University Rank 7th
Anuradha Verma
1652310009 B.Tech
CS (2020)
88.8 %

Academic Record Holders in University & other External Examinations & Competitions

Academic Record Holders in Internal Examinations & Competitions