Computer Vision- Image Recognition using Machine Learning

‘Computer Vision’ has always been one of the foremost challenges for computer programmers.

Recognizing & classifying images, identifying objects in an image, reading handwritings of difference people. If you reflect upon then there are numerous jobs of real life which can be easily done once computer has these abilities. However programming computer on these is definitely extremely difficult using legacy tools. The complex decision trees required to check a simple thing like letter ‘g’ which can be written in almost infinite number of ways was always a big challenge for programmers.

However Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has brought about a fundamental change in these tasks, and today they are very much possible.

In fact Computer Vision has become one of the primary tools today, using which more complex projects and apps can be designed easily. It is not only for CS Programmer, but rather for AG, Civil, EN, ME or people from any field.

A session was taken by Vishal Pandey, Secretary Vision Group where he demonstrated these technologies through live running app. The app was developed on Dot.Net Framework. It used Azure Cognitive Services.

Students were asked to provide sample of handwritten material, and the program successfully converted that into text. The program also identified images provided by the audience.


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