Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning and Python Programming

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Python Programming is one of the most sought after requirements in professional world today. Vision Institute of Technology brings you an excellent opportunity to be ahead in the race by joining this Certification Program.

Program will be conducted by Md Rehan, Dean Academics.


As per the Economic Times, the demand for AI & Data professionals grew by 417%, while the supply has seen just a 19% increase. This demand-supply gap for AI & Data Science professionals make it one of the most lucrative career options.

Intel survey report predicts that 70% of Indian companies will deploy AI enabled solutions by the end of 2019. India will create more jobs for AI and Robotics experts.

In today’s world, the knowledge on discovering insights and interpreting data is not enough. The data should result in business gains, and should be able to predict future business outcomes accurately. 

With the advent of big data over the last decade and storage becoming cheaper, organizations are collecting a lot more data than before, making it imperative to derive insights from data and unlock the business value hidden in the data. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data analysis.

Day 1      Word of Technology

                 (1)Introduction to computer

           (2)Introduction to Windows

            (3)Elements of Word Processing

           (4)Spread Sheet

            (5)WWW and Web Browsers, Internet

Day-2       – Introduction to Python

                     (1)Python interpreter

                     (2)Variables/Data Type



Day-3         Introduction to AI & Machine Learning

(1)Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

(2)History of AI and motivation

  (3)Setting up Workstation

(4)Data Representation in python for Machine Learning

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