Emerging Technologies in Agriculture Engineering

Faculties of AG Department started the semester with informative presentations covering specific areas, tools & technologies related to Emerging Trends & Technologies which will effect Agriculture Sector on whole. One of the most essential sectors for any country, Agriculture is witnessing an era of disruptive business strategies and innovation shaping the entire industry through use of unconventional tools like Artificial Intelligence, Iot, Blockchain and Machine Learning. Faculties look up in depth discussion with few case studies which can pave way to Research & Development.

Name of FacultyTopicCourseYearWorkshop Date
Mr.Kamlendra YadavPrecission Agriculture Practices by Modern MethodB.Tech2nd-3rd-4th04-Feb-20
Mr.Ashish PratapEmerging Technolgy on Farm Mechanisation: 2020B.Tech2nd-3rd-4th04-Feb-20
Ms.DeepikaRain Water Harvesting & ConservationB.Tech2nd-3rd-4th04-Feb-20
Mr.Naman MishraUse of Nano Technology in Agricultural and Food EngineeringB.Tech2nd-3rd-4th04-Feb-20

Some Glimpse of Branch Presentation..

Future of Agricultural Technologies


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  1. Agricultural Engineeringis a better option as carrier point of view becouse population increases day by day and cultivated land decrease.

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