HCl Gems – 2020 Batch

“Chaar ka Vaar

Once again four students proved themselves in HCL drive2020 and bagged a profile of GET Trainee .Four of them are selected for final round of interview .The laurel and wreath they have brought to college is remarkable .Their streamline efforts have given college a secured and remarkable position in whole city .

The college is thankful to the students in their continuous improvement and maintaining a decision to give college a satisfactory position in the region .

The efforts of selected students is as mentioned below!

Hello ,
My name is Akriti Srivastava !
I am thankful to all faculties /staff/ /fellowship for extending corporation and making my college life enjoyable for all these four years .Achieving my goal for a good career .

Akriti Srivastava

Electronics Branch

Hello, my name is Sahil Srivastava!
It has been a great glory to be part of VIT .As a student i am thankful to faculties/ staff .I feel pleasure to acknowledge great co-operation that i have received from all faculties / staff members and my fellow .

Sahil Srivastava

Computer Science

Hello ,
My name is Piyush !
It is a matter of immense glory to be part of of VIT,As student of Computer Science .I am highly thankful and feel indebted for all the co-operation that i have received from faculties /staff members and my colleagues students who made my campus life memorable .

Piyush Anand

Computer Science

Hello ,
My name is Anil Kumar Gupta !
I am thankful to my colleagues and my faculties/staff for providing me a memorable and enjoyable campus life where i learnt and grew .
Huge thanks to college !

Anil Kumar Gupta

Computer Science

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