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This is once again a winning moment bagged by Vision Institute of Technology , Kanpur . It is a wreath and laurel position for institute where the students have performed so nicely that its major perks and benefits associated with the company has given a sustainable development .

Seven students have been placed (Mechanical Branch )

Hello my name is Ravindra Kumar Rajpoot
I would like to express my thanks to my teachers /staff who have given me this wonderful opportunity to prove myself ,Huge thanks to college .



Hello my name is Akash Gupta !
I would like to expresss my sincere thnanks to the teachers /staff for providing such a golden opportunity.
Thanks to college !

Akash Gupta


Hello my name is Abhishek
I would like ot express my sincere thanks to the college staff/ faculties .This opportunity is memorable for my life .



Hello my name is Aman !
My journey has been splendid for four years and this opportunity was a golden ray of hope during pandemic time .I would like to thank my faculties/staff for this .



My name is Ajay !
I would like to thank my teachers /staff for giving me such a golden opportunity and i would like to express my sincere regards towards them .
Huge thanks to college !



Hello my name is Brij Mohan !
It has been a great glory and pleasure to be a pert of VIT kanpur .As a student i am extremely thankful to all my faculties /staff for giving me such a n opportunity

Brij Mohan


Hello my name is Ram Narayan!
My journey has taught me the basic idea for the new inventions and journey added to make a new scope for life .Thanks to college !

Ram Narayan


Hello my name is Pushpendra Sagar !
My aim to achieve success is only possible by efforts of college staff/ faculties. With efforts of this college , I am able to achieve this position today .
Huge thanks to college .



Hello i am Himanashu Sachan !
I am thankful to college staff/faculties for providing me such an opportunity which was only possible through college efforts .

Himanshu Sachan


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