Rubicon’s Virtual Session Supported by Barclays

Vision Group of Institutions is proud to conduct Rubicon’s Virtual Session Supported by Barclays at our Kanpur campus.

Barclays Virtual Session aims at improving the employability skills of the youth. It is a virtual exposure to the final & pre-final year student of different departments in your college or institute. This session will ultimately help them to have corporate interaction and communicate professionally. Rubicon is implementing Tomorrow’s Foundation’s “Connect with work” supported by Barclays. Under this program, students will be trained by Barclays Managers to enhance their life skills which would help them significantly to increase their chances of succeeding in a job interview. This program is being launched with a limited no of colleges in India.

Barclay’s PDP Sessions

Report Day 1 & Day 2

First two days of the session were extremely useful for all the students. The first day included a session of Formal and Informal Introduction along with Ice-breaking activities and games. This was followed by discussion on communication and it’s types along with their role and importance. The rest of the day involved SWOT Analysis of individuals and organizations. Various cases and organisational structures were taken up to elaborate on the same.
The second day focused mainly on body language grooming and speaking skills. Perception and Expression through various activities formed the basis of the day. Group discussions were carried out via the groups that were formed yesterday. A mid assessment was performed to access the various skill parameters of the students.
Approx 180 students attended the session.

Barclay’s PDP Sessions

Report Day 2 & Day 3

Day 2 & Day 3 of the Session turned out to be really memorable and will certainly bring lasting change in the students. Elaborate discussions were held and completely new dimensions of personality and it’s role in Job Environment was revealed to the students.
We thank Barclay’s team for indepth and informative sessions.

Few of the Panels/Workshops held in the Session

(1)Organizational Structure.
(2)Public Speaking.
(3)Presentation Skills.
(4)E-mail Etiquette.
(6)Group Discussion.
(7)Personal Interview.
(8)Resume Building.
(10)Assessment will be conducted on Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

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