Special Electrical Machine Question Bank Of Unit-1

Vision Institute  Of Technology, Kanpur
Question Bank of Unit-1

  1. In deep –bar rotor poly phase IM, explain how the skin effect phenomenon is helpful in attaining desirable features of high starting torque & low Operating slip
  2. Explain how the equivalent circuit of an ordinary poly phase induction motor is also applicable to deep- bar induction motor.
  3. In double cage poly phase induction motor, explain how the desirable features of high starting torque & low operating slip are attained
  4. Explain double field revolving theory.
  5. Explain why single phase induction motor is not self starting.
  6. Explain starting method of single phase induction motor.
  7. Explain shaded pole motor with neat sketch.
  8. Explain working of stepper motor.
  9. Explain construction of single phase AC servo motor.


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